Why Concrete Homes?

Don_s-flatroof-1Concrete home building is not a new concept. The industry is over 50 years old in other parts of the world. Now it is taking over the American home building industry. These are the homes of the future available today.


Why concrete?  Concrete homes are incredibly strong.


They are almost soundproof.  They resist moisture. And because they are air tight they can be 96 to 98% dust, allergen and pollution free.  As a bonus, concrete walls don’t burn and are rarely affected by high winds (tornadoes, hurricanes).


The ICF – concrete wall system is perfect for this Southwestern desert region of the USA.  Our ancestors built walls of adobe.  Adobe has almost no insulating value but has great thermal mass.  Walls had to be built 3′ thick so that as the day heated up, the walls absorbed the heat and kept the interior of the home cool.  This can still be done today but is prohibitively expensive. Instead, we use the ICF system.  The concrete walls provide quite a bit of thermal mass and in addition the polystyrene provides a lot of insulation.  Obviously, a concrete wall is much more strong and durable than any product used in home building.


Because of this thermal mass and insulation, temperatures inside these homes change slowly.  Thus we are able to use heating and air conditioning equipment sized to about one-half of that required in conventional homes. Energy savings of 50% and more is typical.


You will save on insurance also. The exterior walls are fire rated and most insurers will discount rates about 30% compared to conventional homes.


The walls will not “leak” air and it is easy to make the home air tight. With the addition of an air exchanger and filter, your home can be a safe haven during allergy season.


Outside noise contamination is dramatically reduced. Your new home will be a luxurious sound environment much like that of a recording studio.


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