Our Systems Approach

Don_s-house-2The systems approach method is simple, thorough and effective. The design and layout of the home must fit the owner’s lifestyle and be properly oriented on the lot. This assures the owner’s satisfaction with the product and usually reduces unwarranted exposure to the elements.


Typically your home will be built using an ICF (insulated concrete form) wall system. The exterior walls will be solid steel reinforced concrete wrapped in expanded polystyrene. The numerous advantages of this wall system are discussed on the CONCRETE HOMES page.


This is just the beginning. We’ll spend a lot of time and effort making sure your home is properly sealed and ventilated. Doors and windows are sealed at installation. Heating and air conditioning components are carefully selected and all ducting is sealed during installation. Each and every component (lighting, water heater, appliances, thermostats, solar energy systems) are carefully evaluated and selected based on the impact they will have as a part of the entire package.


The result is a strong silent, secure, energy efficient home that is much more comfortable than anything you have lived in before. If you’re thinking you cannot possibly afford this level of luxury, think again.  Your new home will cost less to own than a comparable conventional home.


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